• Inspires a love of science through pretend play and hands-on experiments
  • Join Max & Grace, Jr Scientists, as they solve TOP SECRET missions by traveling through time to meet famous scientists 
  • Meet the inventor of Silly Putty & create awesome polymers! Help the Wright Brothers invent a better airplane! Assist Mary Anning, 1st female fossil hunter, in digging for dinosaurs.
  • A hands-on science adventure, delivered monthly.



Science adventures, delivered

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  • The Top Secret Science Club is a kids science subscription box service. 
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Meet Max, our 8-year-old founder

What's Inside a Box?

Science Adventure



Secret Mission & Easy Instructions

Creative, innovative science project

Travel through time with Max & Grace

Pretend missions & step-by-step instructions

Dear Secret Scientist,

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join Junior Scientists Max & Grace as they travel through time solving science mysteries! Meet famous scientists and do hands-on experiments and science projects including:

  • Polymer Power: Explore the weird and wacky world of polymers and meet the inventor of Silly Putty 
  • Fantastic Fossils: Dig for dinosaurs with Mary Anning, the first female paleontologist. 
  • Incredible Engineering: Help Gustave Eiffel build the Eiffel Tower, and learn about engineering and architecture.
  • Great Gravity: Meet Isaac Newton and learn why things fall down, not up! 
  • Marvelous Mummies: Explore King Tut’s Tomb with Howard Carter 

 The Top Secret Science Club is a monthly subscription box for kids.  Your mission each month will include hands-on experiments, science adventures, crafts and more! Play along with Max and Grace to earn science badges. 

 The Top Secret Science Club believes in giving back. For every one-year subscription, we will donate a science box to a kid in need! 

 See you soon! 

Max & Grace

Junior Scientists

What People Are Saying

"So fun! I wish I had this when I was a kid."


                - Andrew

"My son loves it so much he offered to pay for it from his own piggy bank!" 



"I love that the Top Secret Science Club was started by a kid..for kids everywhere!"

- Caroline

About Us

Hi! I'm Jacki.  My 8-year-old son Max & I co-founded the Top Secret Science Club. 

Max has always had an insatiable curiosity about science, from  playing "laboratory" in the kitchen to dressing up as a mad scientist. His science games have taken us on a journey through history, from the days of the dinosaurs to modern space walks. In our quest, we've read books, bought lab kits and explored science projects.  We've even subscribed to other kids science boxes.  But they were all missing the combination of hands on science experiments and pretend play. 

One day Max asked me if we could launch our own science subscription box for kids, one that would include not just science but also imagination.   And could we make it available for ALL kids - even those whose parents couldn't afford it? 

I immediately said YES and Top Secret Science Club was born.

Our vision is to spark the imagination of little scientists. Our products deliver science discovery and adventure to children (ages 5-10) their parents, grandparents and anyone else who wants to play along! 

 I hope you'll try the Top Secret Science Club and enjoy the monthly adventures. We're excited about our new kids science subscription box and would love to hear any feedback and suggestions you may have for us. 

Please email your thoughts to: Top Secret Science

 Thanks for your support! 

- Jacki 

Co-Founder & CEO

The Top Secret Science Club

With every subscription, the Top Secret Science Club will help a kid in need.  One for one.

Each 1 year subscription you purchase = a FREE Top Secret Science Club box for a kid in need. 

When Max heard about TOMS shoes and their incredible "One for One" program, he was inspired to do the same thing.  Max attends a great public school with ample funding for science classes, but he knows that not all kids are that lucky. He wanted to inspired a love of science in all kids...regardless of their income level or school district. 

Because that underprivledged 7 year old today could become tomorrow's Albert Einstein. Or Amelia Earhart. Or Steve Jobs.  

Click "Submit Nomination" to tell us about a needy child who deserves a free box from the Top Secret Science Club.  Or send us an email with their name, age, their parent's name & phone number and their story. 

Every time we receive a 1-year subscription, we will choose a deserving child for a free box.  Once our presale launches, we will reach out to deserving families to let them know they will be receiving a Top Secret Science Club box!

Inspiring a love of science. One kid at a time. 


Jacki & Max


The Top Secret Science Club

Do you know a deserving child? 

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